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Studies Show Chiropractic Care Beats Drugs in Effectiveness for Neck Pain

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on May 10, 2021

Neck Pain Treatment

While the average human head weighs approximately 11lbs, the real question you want to be asking is how much strain does a head tilt put on the neck. That tilt is what causes neck pain. Tilting your head 45 degrees cranks the perceived weight of your head to approximately 50lbs. That’s a lot of strain just to look down at your phone. And that’s why so many people experience neck pain.

Health for Life Chiropractic offers individually-tailored chiropractic care for neck pain in the Douglasville area. Our goal is to help your body get rid of pain without drugs or surgery. One way is to establish good posture with the help of chiropractic care.

Neck Pain and Chiropractic Care

At Health for Life Chiropractic, we’ll perform an exam and ask you questions to determine the best course of action for your neck pain. We need to know when the pain started, what you’ve done to alleviate it, and what makes it better or worse. We’ll also evaluate your present posture, check for muscle spasms, and perform a neurological exam to screen for potentially underlying conditions.

Most often, patients benefit from getting a neck adjustment. It helps improve spine mobility and muscular range of motion. This can provide pain relief and get rid of stiffness. And to make sure your neck pain doesn’t come back, we’ll guide you through follow up actions to protect your neck.

We can also give you regular adjustments to help correct your posture and help it stay correct.

What the Research Says

This 2019 study on chiropractic treatment for neck pain focused on older adults, a group that can take an extra gentle hand to deliver quality care. Researchers concluded that not only did chiropractic work well with other forms of care, it helped reduce pain levels and keep it in check.

This 2013 study evaluated chiropractic care for neck pain in adults in general. Researchers concluded chiropractic was able to satisfactorily treat both acute and chronic neck pain through various methods.

And this 2011 study observed how patients responded to chiropractic care for neck pain. Patients reported high satisfaction with treatment results. And perhaps one of the coolest parts is that the 83 chiropractors from the study had performed over 5 million upper cervical adjustments over the course of their careers without a single serious negative biological reaction, indicating that the benefits significantly outweigh the risks.

Get Expert Treatment at Health for Life Chiropractic

Dr. Hattaway was put on the path to chiropractic after a football injury was unsuccessfully treated until he sought chiropractic care. He strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction with over 30 years of experience.

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