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No one can speak for our level of service more than our patients. Here are a few of our most recent patient comments:

"I could write a book regarding my good fortune in listening to my wife that I should take my back problem to you. I had never been to a Chiropractor in my life so in March of 2011 when I experienced back pains so severe that I was unable to sleep for several nights. I went to my primary care doctor and he had x-rays taken and after two try's he prescribed pain medicine that helped. He also suggested I go to a physical therapist which I did 16 times. Did not work. Returned to primary care and he sent me to a $3500 MRI. The report came back and without an office visit to explain he sent me the MRI report with four words scribbled on it saying "see a neurological surgeon".

My wife urged me to go see you, I did and after a couple of visits I cut my pain dosage in half and two more visits I do not use pain pills and return to you only if I need follow up. I now can play golf again. All that without intrusive surgery.

Thank you Dr. Ed Hattaway and your team and to my wife Dorothy for good advice."



"I feel that I have been literally kept alive as a result of seeing Dr. Hattaway. When I was referred to him by a friend, I had been to numerous medical doctors, had visit after visit with two other chiropractors and was still suffering. I had very little strength, could not climb the stairs in my home without being totally fatigued and was in constant pain. I had lost twenty pounds in one week and was feeling as if my life was coming to an end. During the first visit, Dr. Hattaway correctly diagnosed my condition, started treatments immediately and gave me hope that I would recover. He suggested exercises, reading materials, adjustments and supplements that would start the healing process not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I have used a variety of therapies in his office(massage therapy, light therapy, etc.) and found them all to extremely beneficial.

For anyone thinking about seeing Dr Hattaway, I would say "Do not hesitate one minute" Do not wait as long as I did to start your recovery, no matter if it is back pain, neck pain, myofascial pain, or any other condition. You could not be in better hands than with Dr. Hattaway. If you need someone that will actually listen to you about your symptoms, finally give you a correct diagnosis, give you an honest opinion and care about your health, then make an appointment to see Dr. Hattaway. You will be so glad you did."

By seeing Dr Hattaway, I have avoided most likely getting much sicker than I was already. I have avoided a miserable, painful life that I was living before I became his patient. I am now back to work and loving my life as the mother of three teenage girls. I can enjoy them and my life without thinking every minute of the day about how sick I was, was I going to die, and how to relieve the constant pain.

I have been a patient of chiropractic care since 1984. I have been to eight other chiropractors during that time from Florida to Alabama to Georgia. Some I have received excellent care from and others I have felt as if my time and my concerns for my health meant nothing. Dr. Hattaway offers the compassion, kindness and expert knowledge that some other doctors lack. He has a genuine concern for your condition and progression of wellness. The afternoon of my first visit and treatment at Dr. Hattaway's office, he called me at home to make sure I was alright. I will never forget that day or that call! I hear Dr. Hattaway talking to other patients while I am waiting and I hear the same compassion, care and concern for others that he has for me. I am always greeted with the same relaxed, unhurried attitude and never feel that he is rushing through our visit. Without question, I will always be a devoted patient and friend."

Gena D, Douglasville

After experiencing an auto accident...the benefits I received from Dr Hattaway have contributed to my healing tremendously. The entire staff was quite helpful and efficient. Of course the first person that greets you is his extraordinary office manager, Sarah, who was on top of all the necessary paperwork that needed to be filled out. Because I was a patient for over two months, I met quite a few of Dr Hattaway's staff-Jenna, Sami and Jett. They were all professional in dealing with not just me, but all the patients that were present.

When you are recovering from an injury there are so many uncertainties. Dr. H made me feel comfortable and assured me that I would heal to my fullest capacity, as long as I followed his instructions. I appreciated that. I would recommend anyone that is seeking chiropractic treatment to Dr. Hattaway. He is very thorough and he explains any treatment he is performing on you that you may not be familiar with. He took time to answer any questions that were of concern to me. I am confident that anyone I refer to Dr. H will be more than satisfied with his expertise. During some of my sessions, I had the opportunity to read some of Dr. Hattaway's achievements and recognitions. I would have never known that he has been practicing as long as he has..........he makes you feel as if you are his first patient. THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda J., Douglasville

"Dr. Hattaway's regular adjustments have kept me pain free and working out with the intensity of a person 10-15 years younger. I've also relied heavily on him when I'm injured. "Doc" has worked me through rib damage, a difficult shoulder and neck injury, and constant problems with my hips and feet. He is a wealth of information and provides successful, natural treatment and pain relief where others have failed or told me there was nothing to do but take pain medication and wait. I love his proactive approach.

Dr. Hattaway has also successfully treated and helped me to manage serious, ongoing TMJ. I've struggled so much with TMJ over the years that I actually cracked a tooth in half and had to have implant surgery (very expensive, painful and time-consuming!). I also used to clench so hard that I would occasionally loose my hearing due to swelling from the clenching. Now, whenever I start to feel as if my jaw is tight, or I'm clenching a lot in my sleep, I get a quick adjustment from Dr. Hattaway and the problem goes away.

I've lived a number of places in the country, and therefore had occasion to be adjusted by a number of Chiropractors, Dr. Hattaway is one of the most knowledgeable, conscientious, and talented professionals I've ever had the pleasure to see. I have complete confidence in both his advice and skills and rely on him heavily to keep myself healthy and active. Were I to move away, I would drive many, many miles to be treated by Dr. Hattaway rather than another practioner, he is truly a master of his trade.

Getting regular adjustments prevents me from getting old and creaky! I may be getting older, but with Doc's help it'll be a long time before I get old :-)

Thanks Doc, meeting you and getting to have such an awesome Chiropractor is one of my very favorite things about moving to D-Ville.

Jennifer R, Douglasville

"You guys make me feel like part of the family. You are all so professional. As a patient, I have received relief from back pain, stress relief and peace of mind. Ican also sleep at night and that is a miracle for me and my family. It is also a benefit to be able to express my needs and have Dr. Hattaway listen about the pains I had received from my accident. His caring and understanding as my doctor helped me tremendously. If you are thinking about seeing a chiropractor, see Dr. Hattaway immediately. He is one-of-a-kind and I already tell my family members and friends the difference he has made in my life.

"By seeing Dr. Hattaway, I feel that I have avoided being taken advantage of as a not taking the time to get to the source of the problem. The difference between Dr. Hattaway and other doctors I have seen is easy: Right away you know that his honesty and professionalism are true. He cares for his patients...he educated me on back pain, neck pain, etc. He explained each phase I would go through and everything he explained did actually happen. he is an expert and definitely answered his call as an honest doctor. Thank you!"

Lori K. Douglasville

"Dr. Hattaway, I meant to get this thank you note off to you months ago. So, I guess i am a high ranking member of the procrastinators club! At any rate, i want to say 'thank you' for getting me straightened out with that pinched nerve in my lower back. It had plagued me for a couple of years. I had been treated by other chiropractors, been in traction, had deep muscle massage and ultrasound, all to no avail. But you got rid of it and with only 3 adjustments! The method you used was completely different than other doctors. Thanks again and best regards "
Curt R. Douglasville

I'm a nurse with insurance and could have chosen any number of doctors. I was tired of the repeat visits, continuous testing, copays, further referrals, and taking yet another medication, so seeing Dr. Hattaway has been one of the smartest decisions I made in resolving my hip pain. No more pain in three visits and good advice! My hip pain is gone so I have avoided useless medication(s) and other expenses.

Carol G., Douglasville

I was injured in an auto accident and suffered with neck pain, headaches and back pain among other things. Dr Hattaway introduced me to new ways to resolve pain, specifically my headaches. For anyone considering a chiropractor, I would recommend Dr Hattaway because he is really good at what he does and I would refer other clients to him. I have been to other healthcare professionals in the past who just didn't seem to care; By seeing Dr. H, I avoided the frustration of a doctor that did not really care about my well being and progress. He really took care of me. I feel so much better now. Also, I never had to wait long and he asked me questions and made sure that I was comfortable with my treatment."

Jaryl H. , Douglasville

"When I came to Dr. Hattaway I had problems with headaches, neck pain and back pain. Dr. Hattaway told me that I would begin to feel better after several treatments. He was right. I don't feel the pain any more. I would encourage anyone thinking of becoming one of Dr. Hattaway's patients to feel confident that he is a Real Professional and he knows what he is doing. If you get treated by him you will feel better. I avoided having to be in constant pain by allowing Dr. Hattaway to treat my problems. Dr. Hattaway is very calm,and professional. He really knows how to help people feel better."

Zachariah P, Douglasville

"Dr. Hattaway's treatments relieved tension and now I sleep better, and have no neck pain. I recommend my friends to see Dr Hattaway, I like that he adjusts me and allows me to return when I feel necessary. I have gone to docs in the past that want you to return for many many visits.With Dr. Hattaway's office, there is NO PRESSURE!"

Eric M., Douglasville

"Since seeing Dr. Hattaway I have less neck pain. I would recommend Dr. Hattaway to anyone as a highly skilled and professional doctor. Because I received treatment I feel that I avoided physical therapy and/or surgery. Before seeing Dr. Hattaway for my neck pain, the only other experience with a chiropractor was about 20 years ago and that doctor hurt me. Dr. Hattaway, conversely, helped me!"

Rita B., Douglasville

"I have experienced several benefits from my treatments at Dr. Hattaway's left shoulder has benefited...and I learned a couple of things - knowlegde is food! He is observant to your needs he is patient with you. I've referred my family and friends .. He's gr8!"

Paula B., Douglasville

"I had really bruised my back badly and had suffered for weeks with very little relief. I began seeing Dr Hattaway and I found him to be very professional and helpful. He is personable in his treatments. The visits certainly helped my situation to improve much faster. I think my bruised back recover faster with much less pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before and found it to be beneficial."

Bruce W., Douglasville

"I received treatment for minor soft tissue injuries from Dr Hattaway. He is very professional and his treatments are very specific and to the area of injury. Dr Hattaway gives his patients the care of concern about your health, and the advice of what to do to help speed up the healing process."

Sarah C, Douglasville

I first went to see Dr. Hattaway for neck and back pain and as a result, I suffer a lot less pain. I can walk up and down steps one at a time for the first time in years and I feel I avoided PERMANENT damage to by neck! His office has the hydobeds (a personal favorite of mine!). Dr H has a wonderful technique and even better bedside manor. I will never go anywhere else again.

If you are thinking about seeing Dr Hattaway, don't think just GO!!!

Catherine P., Carrollton

I saw Dr Hattaway due to injuries I sustained in an auto accident. I have received great service as to making my back and neck feel a lot better. I feel that I definitely avoided having worse back problems as a result of getting adjustments and my recovery was a lot faster than with other doctors I have seen in the past.

For anyone considering Dr. Hattaway, I would tell them that it's definitely worth it and that they can look forward to receiving immediate care and a great recovery.

Derrick W., Douglasville

The benefits I have received as a result of seeing a chiropractor is relief and improvement in my neck and shoulders. I have less pain in my lower back. I have also noticed some improvements in my knees. I feel less body tension and less anxiety after seeing the chiropractor. I would highly recommend Chiropractic treatment because Health for Life Chiropractic provided the help that I needed as related to injuries following a car accident. Any problems that I experienced, they were available to address and help.

The problems I avoided by becoming a patient of Dr. Hattaway is continuous neck pain, help with a large bruise on my left thigh (result of car accident), continuous lower back pain, and throbbing pains in both knees. I do not have to take pain medication (Motrin 800mg) since visits to the chiropractor. Dr. Hattaway is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He was able to explain all of the symptoms that I was experiencing at that time.

Latressa D., Douglasville

Since seeing Dr. Hattaway for injuries I sustained in an auto collision, I can say that he and his staff helped me to regain my health and I feel good again! This was my first experience with chiropractic care and if you are thinking about seeing a chiropractor, STOP THINKING and consult him, you will never be the same!

Emmanuel K., Douglasville

I saw Dr Hattaway for an injury I received in a car wreck. I have a history of Fibromyalgia and the injury really stirred up my symptoms. The compassion and gentleness of your treatment was much more than expected. I have experienced a definite decrease in my pain level. For those thinking about chiropractic treatment, seeing Dr. Hattaway would probably be worth the experience.

Bernice H., Douglasville