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Finding Relief with Chiropractic Disc Pain Treatment

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on August 3, 2021

Discs are a vital part of the spine and are what allows us the ability to move and be flexible. Unfortunately, they can become slipped or herniated, leading to pain and reduced range of motion. Disc problems can happen in... Read More

Whiplash Injury Need to See a Chiropractor In Order to Avoid Developing Chronic Neck Pain

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on June 10, 2021

There’s a relatively recent case-control study on the link between chronic neck pain and whiplash. Researchers worked to determine just what percentage of the population with chronic neck and spine pain was linked to whiplash injury. Health for Life Chiropractic is... Read More

Studies Show Chiropractic Care Beats Drugs in Effectiveness for Neck Pain

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on May 10, 2021

While the average human head weighs approximately 11lbs, the real question you want to be asking is how much strain does a head tilt put on the neck. That tilt is what causes neck pain. Tilting your head 45 degrees... Read More

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression: A Painless Way to Get Rid of Back Pain

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on April 8, 2021

A common question we get at Health for Life Chiropractic is if non-surgical spinal decompression is painful. That first glance at a table with straps and a computer can be intimidating, but the good thing is that this therapy is... Read More

Benefits of Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on March 4, 2021

Automobile accidents send some 2.3 million Americans to the emergency room every year. If you’ve been in a collision, it’s imperative that get the necessary car accident injury treatment. Chiropractors offer holistic treatment for the entire musculoskeletal system, including muscles, bones,... Read More

Improve Health and Energy with Workplace Ergonomics

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on February 4, 2021

If you’re like most Americans, you spend a significant amount of time every day sitting at a desk. Unfortunately, poor workplace ergonomics can lead to bad posture and related aches and pains. The spine’s vertebrae are aligned in a way to... Read More

Headaches and Neck Strain from Holiday Stress? Chiropractic Care Can Help

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on January 4, 2021

The holiday season is a busy time of year. Buying presents, decorating, and juggling social engagements with family and friends can leave you feeling exhausted. For many people, this year’s holiday stress is compounded by the anxiety surrounding COVID-19. Unfortunately, all... Read More

What Causes Sciatica and What’s the Best Treatment?

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on December 2, 2020

If you struggle with sciatica, you understand how persistent and sneaky it can be. Up to 40% of people will suffer from sciatica at some point in their life, with pain ranging from mildly annoying to seriously debilitating.  Many don’t realize that... Read More

Is Chiropractic an Effective Headache Treatment?

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on November 2, 2020

Headaches might be common, but that doesn’t make them any less debilitating. The World Health Organization estimates that up to 75% of the global population will experience at least one headache this year. Headaches are the most common central nervous system... Read More

11 Signs You Need Prompt Whiplash Treatment for a Car Accident Injury

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on October 2, 2020

Georgia roads are a dangerous place. Every year, over 140 thousand people are injured in vehicle accidents.  After a car accident, many people falsely believe they’ve walked away unscathed.  Musculoskeletal injuries from a car accident aren’t always apparent right away. That’s why it’s... Read More

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