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Whiplash Injury Need to See a Chiropractor In Order to Avoid Developing Chronic Neck Pain

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on June 10, 2021

Whiplash Treatment There’s a relatively recent study on the link between chronic neck pain and whiplash. Researchers undertook a case-control study of chronic neck pain and whiplash injuries in nine states in the United States to determine whether whiplash injuries contributed significantly to the population of individuals with chronic neck and other spine pain.

Health for Life Chiropractic is continually following the research on whiplash injuries since recovery rate is still a bit of a mystery. What we do know is there can be lifelong consequences from whiplash injury that can be prevented with proper chiropractic care.

The Research and What Chiropractic Care Can Do For Whiplash

The aforementioned study followed 665 patients who went to chiropractic offices for treatment for either chronic neck (419 patients) and back pain (246 patients). Researchers found that MVAs caused more chronic neck, and chronic neck and back pain (chronic pain among the cases), than any other source, including natural wear and tear.

Whiplash is a soft tissue injury that--in the short term--can cause neck stiffness and pain, decreased range of motion, pain in the upper arms, back and shoulders, blurred vision, headaches, and more. 

Approximately two-thirds of people involved in motor vehicle accidents develop symptoms of whiplash. The symptoms usually do not develop until two to 48 hours after the injury. Data shows that 45-85% of whiplash victims can still be suffering five years later, most of them due to the spine losing its correct curvature.

If you don't get treated for whiplash, you risk developing chronic pain, chronic headaches, decreased range of motion, progressive degenerative changes in the joints of the spine, and increased risk for future disc problems.

Chiropractic care can help restore range of motion, ease away triggers causing pain, headaches and other symptoms, relax and rehabilitate neck muscles, and expertly manipulate your spine to put everything back in place, which restores range of motion and allow the body to heal. We also prescribe at-home self care to complete and speed up the recovery process. 

Get Expert Treatment at Health for Life Chiropractic

Dr. Hattaway was put on the path to chiropractic after a football injury was unsuccessfully treated until he sought chiropractic care. He strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction with over 30 years of experience.

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