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What Causes Sciatica and What’s the Best Treatment?

Written By Health For Life Chiropractic on December 2, 2020

rsz sciaticaIf you struggle with sciatica, you understand how persistent and sneaky it can be.

Up to 40% of people will suffer from sciatica at some point in their life, with pain ranging from mildly annoying to seriously debilitating. 

Many don’t realize that sciatica is only a symptom of a deeper problem. It’s not a condition itself. 

Over-the-counter medications can’t solve the problem, but comprehensive sciatica treatment can. Here’s how it works.

What Causes Sciatica?

Most sciatic pain originates from disc damage in your lower back.

Slipped, herniated, and bulging discs move out of their typical position and irritate your sciatic nerve. Your sciatic nerve is huge, running from your buttock down through each thigh. 

In severe cases, a slipped disc may pinch your sciatic nerve, causing unbearable pain and even incontinence. 

The most familiar symptom of sciatica is a shooting electric-like pain that runs down one leg. Sciatic pain usually doesn’t occur in both legs. 

Depending on the type of sciatic pain, you might also notice:

  • Leg muscle weakness and tingling
  • Pain in the web between your big toe and second toe
  • Poor knee jerk reflexes
  • Balance problems – especially on your tiptoes 

Ibuprofen might temporarily relieve the pain, but it’s not a treatment. Instead, it’s critical to address the root causes in your lower back, leading to sciatic pain.

If you experience bilateral sciatica (on both sides), bowel or bladder control issues, fever, or loss of appetite, seek medical attention immediately. 

Why Choose Chiropractic For Your Sciatica Treatment?

Your experienced Douglasville chiropractor will get to the root of your sciatic pain – no matter what it is. In some cases, gentle spinal adjustments and consistent stretches can relieve the pain permanently. In other cases, nonsurgical spinal decompression might be needed to relieve built-up pressure around your low back vertebrae. 

Sciatica Treatment at Health for Life Chiropractic

Dr. Edmond Hattaway has over 30 years of experience helping Douglasville patients live pain-free lives without medication or surgery. Dr. Hattaway will ask questions about your sciatic pain frequency, intensity, and triggers. He’ll also order x-rays before developing a personalized plan.

The first goal is to relieve your immediate pain. The long-term goal is to correct posture and damage to prevent sciatica from returning.

Don’t live with sciatica! Schedule an appointment at Health for Life Chiropractic by calling 770-489-0187.

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